Share the love for turtle doves: the fundraiser

Raising funds for turtle doves Dove step has been a huge part of my life for over five years now. For the uninitiated, Dove Step is friends and myself enduring for Turtle Doves. Undertaking arduous journeys to raise both awareness and funds for Operation Turtle Dove. To date we have raised almost £16k and endured […]

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Dave Step 3 Day 9 - omage Jonny Rankin

All For The Love of a Dove

Thank you to Robert Yaxley for this update on the Dove Step 3 Challenge from Spain… As you read this, Jonny Rankin and myself with the help of support drivers Sven Wair and Malcolm Fairley will be halfway through a monumental physical walking challenge. The march from Tarifa to Gijon, crossing mainland Spain from south […]

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