What are we doing to save turtle doves?

In order to develop effective conservation action for turtle doves, it is essential that the causes of declines are identified using sound science. The emerging results of research in turn inform the development of practical conservation actions that are subsequently trialled. Rigorous monitoring of these trials ensures that only successful components are rolled out at the scale needed to turn population declines of turtle doves.

Turtle dove declines are linked with four main factors, see ‘why are turtle doves in trouble?’ for more information. The long term aim of Operation Turtle Dove is to deliver conservation action for turtle doves that address each of these factors and we are currently at different stages of developing and testing solutions for each of them.

Operation Turtle Dove comprises of four main parts:

  1. Research on the breeding grounds – understanding drivers of decline and trialling conservation solutions
  2. Establishing feeding and nesting habitat over the core UK breeding range
  3. Ensuring safe passage for birds on migration
  4. Research on the migratory route and wintering grounds