Where and when to see turtle doves

Where to see turtle doves

In the UK, turtle doves are now mainly a bird of southern and eastern England although their range does extend further north and west. Best looked for in woodland edges, hedgerows and open land with scattered bushes. These birds are more often heard than seen and their distinctive, gentle, purring song has long been a characteristic sound of summer.

Visit a RSPB reserve to try and spot turtle doves:

You can guarantee to see turtle doves at Pensthorpe Natural Park in Norfolk, where they have a captive breeding flock.

Staple, Kent –This site is highly sensitive to disturbance, so to protect the turtle doves using the site we are hoping to arrange organised events, rather than allow individual visits. If you are interested in visiting this site, please email us and we will be in touch.

When to see turtle doves

Turtle doves visit England for the breeding season, arriving in late April and May and leaving again between July and September.