Establishing nesting habitat


Turtle Doves select wide, scrubby hedges in which to nest, especially ones consisting of thorny species such as hawthorn or blackthorn.  These should be, as a minimum, 3 metres tall and 4 metres wide.  The presence of native climbers such as dog rose, clematis or ivy would be an added bonus.  As scrub can take 15  years in which to achieve this condition, it is recommended that only one fifteenth of the hedge is cut in any one year or, alternatively, that one fifth is cut every 3 years on a rotational basis. Under CSS, option BE3 provides for the management of hedgerows whilst WD7 and WD8 provide more specifically for the management and creation of successional areas of scrub.  Suitable nesting habitat is depicted in the photographs below.

Examples of good turtle dove nesting habitat