A letter from Gordon

Gordon, one of the satellite tagged turtle doves, has been telling the readers of Eco Kids Planet about the long journey he faces. Read more

#showthelove for Turtle Doves!

Robert Yaxley provides an update on his and Jonny Rankin's mammoth trek across Spain for Turtle Doves Read more

Your donation can help save turtle doves

Jonny Rankin & the Dove Step team are walking marathon distances every day for over 700 miles across Spain to fundraise for Operation Turtle Dove – please show your support Read more

Seen a
turtle dove?

Tell us about it and log your sighting at Birdtrack
Your sightings help us to take conservation action where it is needed most
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Farmers are key
to saving
turtle doves

If you farm or manage land then you can help save turtle doves and benefit your rural business while doing so Read more

Our work for turtle doves in Africa

Find out what our turtle dove research team in Senegal are doing this winter to help us to understand how we can help turtle doves on their African wintering grounds Read more

Turtle doves (Streptopelia turtur) are in trouble; they are vulnerable to global extinction (IUCN Red List of Endangered Species). They have suffered a 91% UK population decline since 1995 and a 78% decline across Europe since 1980. At this current rate of change if we don’t help this species scientists calculate that complete UK extinction as a breeding species will be a real possibility.

Operation Turtle Dove has an important and urgent mission to reverse the fortunes of this enigmatic and culturally significant bird. Please help us to save them.

Blog: Turtle Dove Talk

A letter from Gordon

April 7, 2017
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All For The Love of a Dove

February 14, 2017
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How can I help turtle doves on my land?

Providing habitat is a vital component of turtle dove conservation. If you farm or manage land, there are a number of ways in which you can help support the species and benefit your rural business while doing so. Options can include:

How to see a turtle dove

Turtle doves are in the UK – predominantly the east and south east of England -from April to September every year. Here are some ways you can get involved:

Ways you can help


Your shopping choices can help give turtle doves a home

Create habitat

You can provide turtle doves with habitat they need on your farm or in your garden

Log a sighting

Seen a turtle dove? Tell us about it and log your sighting at Birdtrack


Your donation will help us to save this iconic bird from extinction in the UK